Planning a Bucks Party | How to plan a bucks party?

Are you planning a bucks party to remember?

Planning a bucks night is a big responsibility, whether it’s your own, or a friends.

There’s a lot to organise – the budget, venue, food, guest list, fun things to do and of course – the sexist strippers Australia has to offer.

But don’t panic! Abracadabra Strippers have got your back. Our guide to planning a bucks party will take you through what needs to be crossed off your checklist, and where to find everything you need for the night to go off without a hitch!

Let’s (bucks) party!

What is a bucks party?

A bucks party is a ritual where a soon-to-be-married man and his groomsmen and friends throw a gents-only event as an initiation into marriage.

Often known as a bachelor party, bucks night, or stag weekend, the bucks party (as it’s known in Australia) is a global rite of passage that dates back thousands of years, and women today have their own version, the hens night, or bachelorette party. Today, the event conjures up mental images of a group of men acting wild and boisterous, often with the company of scantily clad women entertaining them.

Yes, boys will be boys, but a bucks party is a societal custom that allows a man to celebrate his upcoming nuptials with his mates in one crazy blow-out. It’s a fun night for all involved!

strippers adelaide - Planning a Bucks Party | How to plan a bucks party?

Now let’s get into the all-important bucks party checklist…

Setting a bucks party budget

First thing’s first – setting a budget. Before you get into the many fun parts of planning a bucks night, you will have to determine what your maximum budget will be to cover the costs of the event. Narrowing down the budget you have to work with will make the rest of your planning easier.

Traditionally, it’s either the groom that treats his best mates to a night out on the town, or everyone pitches in a set amount to make it happen. Guests usually pay for their own non-inclusive add-ons. Your budget should include a venue (if you are booking a set venue and not just painting the town red or holding your bucks party at a private home), accommodation (if applicable), entertainment, food and drinks, travel expenses and any activities you might want to get up to.

According to Yahoo Finance, the average one-day bucks party costs guests around $350 each and some pay upwards of $1000 per person if they fly to a destination for the event. Some groups go away for their bucks weekend, whether locally, interstate or even overseas. Keep in mind your guests’ budgets and that not everyone can afford to or is able to fly somewhere for a bucks party.

If you’re planning a bucks party for a group of 10, expect the final cost to be at the low end $2000, and the high end, well that’s up to you and your available budget. The sky’s the limit.

Finalising your bucks party guest list

Now you have a budget set in stone, it’s time to narrow down your final guest list. Of course, the groom, best man and groomsmen will be on the list. Many grooms invite their brothers, dads, grandpas or other close family and friends along. Sometimes even the bride’s close male family members for added bonding.

The guest list is entirely up to the groom at the end of the day, and only you can know who you want at your big night. Bare in mind, social etiquette tends to indicate that someone invited to a bucks night should probably be at the wedding, so if someone missed out on a coveted invite to your big day, you should probably leave them off from your bucks guest list. Otherwise it might get a little weird.

If your bucks party financial kitty is on the tighter side, keep your guest list to a small but close crew of the men that have helped you get to this stage in your life. Remember, this is a night to thank them for all they’ve done for you too! Some bucks parties are composed of a handful of close friends, others a big group. It’s up to you, your budget and what you feel comfortable with.

Booking the perfect bucks party venue

Now you’ve set your budget and guest list, it’s time to plan the more fun aspects of your bucks party! Organising a venue next will allow the rest of the details to naturally fall into place.

Some bucks groups don’t book a set venue, and instead have a wild night out on the town, whether in their local town or city or by flying somewhere else. A simple bucks party night out can include a bar crawl, heading to some strip clubs and simply enjoying each other’s company during this monumental event. This is a good option for those with a lower budget at hand or a smaller guest list.

Others opt to book a function room for a night, or even a private area in a bar or club. Or of course, you can always hold a more intimate bucks do at the groom’s home (or one of his guests’ homes), if they can accommodate it. If this is the case, do the right thing and let the neighbours know the event will be happening, and what hours it will be held between – just in case things get a little boisterous!

Finalising the finer details for your bucks party

The budget is set, the invites sent out and the venue booked. Now it’s time to attend to the finer details of your bucks party!

If you’re heading away for a destination bucks party – Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney and the Gold Coast are Australia’s most popular bucks destinations – you will have to book accommodation. Whether it’s a hotel or Airbnb, consider a few things. You may want to keep the budget lower for this aspect, as you may be spending most of your time away from your accommodation.

Second, be sure to let the owner / hotel / landlord aware of your plans. Many accommodations don’t allow bucks party groups to stay at their property, and if they pull the plug at the last minute, it could throw your plans into turmoil. Tick all the boxes and do the right thing from the start and the process will go smoothly. Being upfront goes a long way!

Now is also the time to think about what you’ll be eating and drinking, and any activities you might want to do, if the event spreads over a day or weekend. If you’ve got a venue booked, do you want catering? Will you provide it yourself? If you don’t, will you be heading out to eat? If you’re in a larger group, consider booking your reservations ahead.

If you’re going away for a bucks weekend or spreading it over a whole day or weekend, brainstorm some ideas of how to fill in the time with your crew. Some bucks party groups love getting up to more active pursuits, like go-karting, axe throwing, golfing, paintball or indoor rock climbing. Some book private boats for a chilled out day or night cruise, or head to a distillery or brewery for a hip whiskey or craft beer tasting. Others will want to head to a casino for a round of black jack. If your bucks is a weekend affair (or longer) an opt-in setup is popular, which allows guests to take part in what they want to, and opt out if something doesn’t interest them.

Finding the best bucks party strippers

Bucks parties and strippers go together like wine and cheese, and no bucks event is complete without the company of a sexy lady or two – complete with a floor show, lap dance for the guest of honour and other tantalising adult services. If you are winging it on your bucks night, many men head to strip clubs as an event tradition. Most major cities and towns have a range of them.

If you have a venue or accommodation booked, you can hire a stripper with one phone call and they will come to you. It’s so simple! Check out our blog detailing just how to book the perfect stripper for you.

Letting a stripper agency know upfront what your budget is will help them find the right female stripper (or strippers) for you, and how many hours and what services that price will get you. Let them know its for a bucks party, and they will find you the strippers that are experts at entertaining at these often wild events!

Australian bucks party strippers for hire

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