Industry 101: How To Become A Stripper?

Yearning for more freedom and fun in your career? Becoming a stripper could be your calling! Starting out as a stripper can be daunting. But don’t panic!

Our seasoned experts at Abracadabra Strippers have put together this handy guide to becoming a stripper in Australia – FAQs included!

The benefits of becoming a stripper

There are so many benefits to working as a stripper and that includes physical, social, financial and mental health benefits.

Firstly, there’s the variety stripping offers. No two jobs are the same, no two clients are the same and each booking brings something unique that you can learn from and build your skill set on. If you’re desperate to escape the drudgery of the 9-5 and do something totally different, many men and women find freedom they didn’t know existed in stripping. You can set your own hours and rules as a stripper. You can also strip anywhere, so it’s a job you can do whether you are staying in the one location, travelling or living a more nomadic lifestyle. Not to mention, stripping offers a generous pay rate that can be hard to turn down.

Physically, stripping has so many benefits too. It is a chance to stay fit and active and to work on becoming the best entertainer possible, and you’ll notice that with each job your confidence and ability grows. This can only lead to bigger and better jobs! And you can forget the drab corporate garb. One of the most exciting parts of working as a stripper is getting glammed up. You can go wild with your makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories and really express your individuality and sexuality. It’s an amazing confidence booster.

Lastly, the adult entertainment community is an incredibly supportive one, and you’ll forge strong friendships with and meet people you never would have crossed paths with before. Working for a reputable stripper agency provides stability, trust, safety, support and guidance that you won’t get going out on your own.

strippers adelaide - Industry 101: How To Become A Stripper?

What makes a good stripper?

A bubbly and social nature and a can-do attitude is always a winning trait in the stripping world, and will definitely lead to stronger business relationships and the best bookings.

Strippers learn a lot on the job, and everyone starts in any role as an amateur. No matter what experience level you have, the best strippers are born entertainers, fun loving, open to new experiences and hard working. Being a great listener and having excellent conversational skills is also key, especially when interacting with clients. Looks-wise, strippers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes (learn more in our FAQs below), but overall, being well-groomed, clean and well-presented is key.

Finally, learning how to to market yourself is central to progressing your career as a stripper. That means networking, actively selling your abilities to those who may book your services or to agencies who may sign you, and talking yourself up to clients to ensure repeat bookings. Stripping is a sales job as much as it is a career in entertainment.

Common questions about becoming a stripper

We regularly field all kinds of questions from men and women regarding how to become a stripper and whether they have what it takes. Do you have a specific question? Here’s a few quick FAQ’s where you may find the answer.

Is stripping legal in Australia?

Whether you’re working in a strip club or for an agency for private bookings (or going out on your own, which we warn against), each state in Australia has different rules and laws you must abide by.

Each state has its own laws. A number define the difference between sexual services and “sexually explicit entertainment” differently, and elements of stripping can fall into the former category in some states. This includes topless waitressing, nude waitressing and lingerie waitressing.

It is best to check out the set laws in your state or city and any licenses that are required, familiarise yourself with the difference between club work and agency work, as well as other tips on (legally) becoming a stripper. Many states also have dedicated sex worker organisations that can provide all the information you need, like this one in Victoria. However, Scarlet Alliance is the Australian Sex Workers Association and the peak national body for the industry. They collect information on each state’s relevant laws and are a fantastic resource for strippers.

Am I too young / too old to be a stripper?

18 is the minimum age in Australia to work as a stripper. Strippers come in all age brackets, but remember that this job has a shelf life. Most bookings are for strippers in their 20s and 30s, and while there are fantastic strippers out there over those age groups, the demand often isn’t there. In addition, the physical demand of the job can take its toll as time goes on.

Do I need the “perfect” body or face to be a stripper?

Absolutely not. Every single stripper is different, and that’s what makes the job so fun and diverse. Having a fit and energetic body that can keep up with the demands of the job is important, and we have female strippers on our books who range from size 6 to size 18 and A cups to F cups, are petite and perky or tall and curvy. Strippers come in a wide range of looks, styles, ethnicities and more. Our advice is to find what makes you unique and sell it. In addition, take care of yourself and your appearance and knock the socks off prospective employers and clientele by looking amazing and oozing confidence.

Do I need to be able to dance to be a stripper?

Many strippers start working in clubs or for agencies with little or no experience, and learn on the job. Some come into the industry as pole dancing extraordinaires with all the right moves. That’s not to say that you can have two left feet, no rhythm and expect to be hired after an audition. Knowing some basic stage moves, learning how to seductively perform a raunchy strip tease or lapdance with your best assets on display and having a few memorised routines will get you far. Not sure where to learn a few stripper moves? YouTube is full of video guides!

Do I need my own transportation?

If you’re working in a club, you can probably get away with not having your own transport as a stripper. However for your own safety and in order to be prompt and on time to private bookings for an agency, it’s best to have your own transport or to have a reliable form of transportation available. Some bookings may be late at night, so keep this in mind. Although Uber is pretty reliable at all hours, depending on where you are located.

Where do I get stripper outfits and shoes?

This is one of the most fun parts of becoming a stripper – the wardrobe! There are a huge variety of online and in-person stores across Australia (and abroad) that sell clothes specifically for strippers. This includes cheeky lingerie, tiny bikinis, sparkly dresses, booty shorts, busty corsets, sexy hosiery and more.

Then there’s the towering heels and thigh high boots that always drive a crowd wild (make sure to practise, practise, practise to avoid any spills!)

Many of these retailers also sell accessories like wigs, stage makeup, garters and nipple pasties to up the fun, or even costumes like naughty French maids, Playboy bunnies, leather-clad dominatrixes and dirty waitresses.

You don’t have to invest a fortune to become a stripper, but having even a few set outfits at the beginning of your journey that you can mix and match helps a lot.

How much money can I make as a stripper?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Strippers can earn anything from a couple of hundred dollars a night to a few thousand. It all varies depending on the jobs they book and their level of experience.

For instance, working for an agency that books you for private events and functions often pays more than stripping in clubs. It all depends on the hours you are willing to work, the bookings you get and often, the demand for strippers where you are located. A stripper located in Melbourne will have more prospective clients than one in Alice Springs. Strippers available to work on weekends have more earning capacity than those who aren’t. Having good availability is always helpful as a stripper.

Many strippers join the industry with a set financial goal in mind and leave once they have met that goal, whether it’s to pay off university, to put a deposit on a new home or to fund that dream trip abroad. Others do it for the love of the job and as a long-term career. There’s no wrong age, reason or time period to be a stripper.

Remember – safety always comes first!

The Australian adult entertainment industry is one of the most regulated, so the safety of strippers is usually paramount when working for a licensed agency or club. Strip clubs have security on site, but private bookings often don’t. However, any good agency will check in with you before and after a booking to ensure it all went off without a hitch, on top of vetting new clients before and taking down all important details as well as a deposit. This is why, for your safety, we always recommend working as a stripper for a professional agency with an excellent track record.

We also recommend carefully vetting all agencies and clubs before signing up with them. Read reviews from fellow strippers online (there’s quite a lot of sex worker forums), ask for recommendations, check out their websites and don’t hesitate to contact them with any or all questions you have. A top agency should be able to answer all your  questions upfront and with transparency.

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