Industry 101: How To Become A Stripper?

Yearning for more freedom and fun in your career? Becoming a stripper could be your calling! Starting out as a stripper can be daunting. But don’t panic!

Our seasoned experts at Abracadabra Strippers have put together this handy guide to becoming a stripper in Australia – FAQs included!

The benefits of becoming a stripper

There are so many benefits to working as a stripper and that includes physical, social, financial and mental health benefits.

Firstly, there’s the variety stripping offers. No two jobs are the same, no two clients are the same and each booking brings something unique that you can learn from and build your skill set on. If you’re desperate to escape the drudgery of the 9-5 and do something totally different, many men and women find freedom they didn’t know existed in stripping. You can set your own hours and rules as a stripper. You can also strip anywhere, so it’s a job you can do whether you are staying in the one location, travelling or living a more nomadic lifestyle. Not to mention, stripping offers a generous pay rate that can be hard to turn down.

Physically, stripping has so many benefits too. It is a chance to stay fit and active and to work on becoming the best entertainer possible, and you’ll notice that with each job your confidence and ability grows. This can only lead to bigger and better jobs! And you can forget the drab corporate garb. One of the most exciting parts of working as a stripper is getting glammed up. You can go wild with your makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories and really express your individuality and sexuality. It’s an amazing confidence booster.

Lastly, the adult entertainment community is an incredibly supportive one, and you’ll forge strong friendships with and meet people you never would have crossed paths with before. Working for a reputable stripper agency provides stability, trust, safety, support and guidance that you won’t get going out on your own.

strippers adelaide - Industry 101: How To Become A Stripper?

What makes a good stripper?

A bubbly and social nature and a can-do attitude is always a winning trait in the stripping world, and will definitely lead to stronger business relationships and the best bookings.

Strippers learn a lot on the job, and everyone starts in any role as an amateur. No matter what experience level you have, the best strippers are born entertainers, fun loving, open to new experiences and hard working. Being a great listener and having excellent conversational skills is also key, especially when interacting with clients. Looks-wise, strippers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes (learn more in our FAQs below), but overall, being well-groomed, clean and well-presented is key.

Finally, learning how to to market yourself is central to progressing your career as a stripper. That means networking, actively selling your abilities to those who may book your services or to agencies who may sign you, and talking yourself up to clients to ensure repeat bookings. Stripping is a sales job as much as it is a career in entertainment.

Common questions about becoming a stripper

We regularly field all kinds of questions from men and women regarding how to become a stripper and whether they have what it takes. Do you have a specific question? Here’s a few quick FAQ’s where you may find the answer.

Is stripping legal in Australia?

Whether you’re working in a strip club or for an agency for private bookings (or going out on your own, which we warn against), each state in Australia has different rules and laws you must abide by.

Each state has its own laws. A number define the difference between sexual services and “sexually explicit entertainment” differently, and elements of stripping can fall into the former category in some states. This includes topless waitressing, nude waitressing and lingerie waitressing.

It is best to check out the set laws in your state or city and any licenses that are required, familiarise yourself with the difference between club work and agency work, as well as other tips on (legally) becoming a stripper. Many states also have dedicated sex worker organisations that can provide all the information you need, like this one in Victoria. However, Scarlet Alliance is the Australian Sex Workers Association and the peak national body for the industry. They collect information on each state’s relevant laws and are a fantastic resource for strippers.

Am I too young / too old to be a stripper?

18 is the minimum age in Australia to work as a stripper. Strippers come in all age brackets, but remember that this job has a shelf life. Most bookings are for strippers in their 20s and 30s, and while there are fantastic strippers out there over those age groups, the demand often isn’t there. In addition, the physical demand of the job can take its toll as time goes on.

Do I need the “perfect” body or face to be a stripper?

Absolutely not. Every single stripper is different, and that’s what makes the job so fun and diverse. Having a fit and energetic body that can keep up with the demands of the job is important, and we have female strippers on our books who range from size 6 to size 18 and A cups to F cups, are petite and perky or tall and curvy. Strippers come in a wide range of looks, styles, ethnicities and more. Our advice is to find what makes you unique and sell it. In addition, take care of yourself and your appearance and knock the socks off prospective employers and clientele by looking amazing and oozing confidence.

Do I need to be able to dance to be a stripper?

Many strippers start working in clubs or for agencies with little or no experience, and learn on the job. Some come into the industry as pole dancing extraordinaires with all the right moves. That’s not to say that you can have two left feet, no rhythm and expect to be hired after an audition. Knowing some basic stage moves, learning how to seductively perform a raunchy strip tease or lapdance with your best assets on display and having a few memorised routines will get you far. Not sure where to learn a few stripper moves? YouTube is full of video guides!

Do I need my own transportation?

If you’re working in a club, you can probably get away with not having your own transport as a stripper. However for your own safety and in order to be prompt and on time to private bookings for an agency, it’s best to have your own transport or to have a reliable form of transportation available. Some bookings may be late at night, so keep this in mind. Although Uber is pretty reliable at all hours, depending on where you are located.

Where do I get stripper outfits and shoes?

This is one of the most fun parts of becoming a stripper – the wardrobe! There are a huge variety of online and in-person stores across Australia (and abroad) that sell clothes specifically for strippers. This includes cheeky lingerie, tiny bikinis, sparkly dresses, booty shorts, busty corsets, sexy hosiery and more.

Then there’s the towering heels and thigh high boots that always drive a crowd wild (make sure to practise, practise, practise to avoid any spills!)

Many of these retailers also sell accessories like wigs, stage makeup, garters and nipple pasties to up the fun, or even costumes like naughty French maids, Playboy bunnies, leather-clad dominatrixes and dirty waitresses.

You don’t have to invest a fortune to become a stripper, but having even a few set outfits at the beginning of your journey that you can mix and match helps a lot.

How much money can I make as a stripper?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Strippers can earn anything from a couple of hundred dollars a night to a few thousand. It all varies depending on the jobs they book and their level of experience.

For instance, working for an agency that books you for private events and functions often pays more than stripping in clubs. It all depends on the hours you are willing to work, the bookings you get and often, the demand for strippers where you are located. A stripper located in Melbourne will have more prospective clients than one in Alice Springs. Strippers available to work on weekends have more earning capacity than those who aren’t. Having good availability is always helpful as a stripper.

Many strippers join the industry with a set financial goal in mind and leave once they have met that goal, whether it’s to pay off university, to put a deposit on a new home or to fund that dream trip abroad. Others do it for the love of the job and as a long-term career. There’s no wrong age, reason or time period to be a stripper.

Remember – safety always comes first!

The Australian adult entertainment industry is one of the most regulated, so the safety of strippers is usually paramount when working for a licensed agency or club. Strip clubs have security on site, but private bookings often don’t. However, any good agency will check in with you before and after a booking to ensure it all went off without a hitch, on top of vetting new clients before and taking down all important details as well as a deposit. This is why, for your safety, we always recommend working as a stripper for a professional agency with an excellent track record.

We also recommend carefully vetting all agencies and clubs before signing up with them. Read reviews from fellow strippers online (there’s quite a lot of sex worker forums), ask for recommendations, check out their websites and don’t hesitate to contact them with any or all questions you have. A top agency should be able to answer all your  questions upfront and with transparency.

Contact Abracadabra Strippers Australia today

Abracadabra Strippers boasts the best range of male and female Australian strippers for hire. Our ladies and gents are sexy, professional and experienced, offer a wide range of services and can’t wait to entertain you. We have entertainers available across Australia, in all major cities and many regional locations.

Contact us on 0481 852 394 to book your dream stripper today! Any other questions about employment? Get in touch!

Planning a Bucks Party | How to plan a bucks party?

Are you planning a bucks party to remember?

Planning a bucks night is a big responsibility, whether it’s your own, or a friends.

There’s a lot to organise – the budget, venue, food, guest list, fun things to do and of course – the sexist strippers Australia has to offer.

But don’t panic! Abracadabra Strippers have got your back. Our guide to planning a bucks party will take you through what needs to be crossed off your checklist, and where to find everything you need for the night to go off without a hitch!

Let’s (bucks) party!

What is a bucks party?

A bucks party is a ritual where a soon-to-be-married man and his groomsmen and friends throw a gents-only event as an initiation into marriage.

Often known as a bachelor party, bucks night, or stag weekend, the bucks party (as it’s known in Australia) is a global rite of passage that dates back thousands of years, and women today have their own version, the hens night, or bachelorette party. Today, the event conjures up mental images of a group of men acting wild and boisterous, often with the company of scantily clad women entertaining them.

Yes, boys will be boys, but a bucks party is a societal custom that allows a man to celebrate his upcoming nuptials with his mates in one crazy blow-out. It’s a fun night for all involved!

strippers adelaide - Planning a Bucks Party | How to plan a bucks party?

Now let’s get into the all-important bucks party checklist…

Setting a bucks party budget

First thing’s first – setting a budget. Before you get into the many fun parts of planning a bucks night, you will have to determine what your maximum budget will be to cover the costs of the event. Narrowing down the budget you have to work with will make the rest of your planning easier.

Traditionally, it’s either the groom that treats his best mates to a night out on the town, or everyone pitches in a set amount to make it happen. Guests usually pay for their own non-inclusive add-ons. Your budget should include a venue (if you are booking a set venue and not just painting the town red or holding your bucks party at a private home), accommodation (if applicable), entertainment, food and drinks, travel expenses and any activities you might want to get up to.

According to Yahoo Finance, the average one-day bucks party costs guests around $350 each and some pay upwards of $1000 per person if they fly to a destination for the event. Some groups go away for their bucks weekend, whether locally, interstate or even overseas. Keep in mind your guests’ budgets and that not everyone can afford to or is able to fly somewhere for a bucks party.

If you’re planning a bucks party for a group of 10, expect the final cost to be at the low end $2000, and the high end, well that’s up to you and your available budget. The sky’s the limit.

Finalising your bucks party guest list

Now you have a budget set in stone, it’s time to narrow down your final guest list. Of course, the groom, best man and groomsmen will be on the list. Many grooms invite their brothers, dads, grandpas or other close family and friends along. Sometimes even the bride’s close male family members for added bonding.

The guest list is entirely up to the groom at the end of the day, and only you can know who you want at your big night. Bare in mind, social etiquette tends to indicate that someone invited to a bucks night should probably be at the wedding, so if someone missed out on a coveted invite to your big day, you should probably leave them off from your bucks guest list. Otherwise it might get a little weird.

If your bucks party financial kitty is on the tighter side, keep your guest list to a small but close crew of the men that have helped you get to this stage in your life. Remember, this is a night to thank them for all they’ve done for you too! Some bucks parties are composed of a handful of close friends, others a big group. It’s up to you, your budget and what you feel comfortable with.

Booking the perfect bucks party venue

Now you’ve set your budget and guest list, it’s time to plan the more fun aspects of your bucks party! Organising a venue next will allow the rest of the details to naturally fall into place.

Some bucks groups don’t book a set venue, and instead have a wild night out on the town, whether in their local town or city or by flying somewhere else. A simple bucks party night out can include a bar crawl, heading to some strip clubs and simply enjoying each other’s company during this monumental event. This is a good option for those with a lower budget at hand or a smaller guest list.

Others opt to book a function room for a night, or even a private area in a bar or club. Or of course, you can always hold a more intimate bucks do at the groom’s home (or one of his guests’ homes), if they can accommodate it. If this is the case, do the right thing and let the neighbours know the event will be happening, and what hours it will be held between – just in case things get a little boisterous!

Finalising the finer details for your bucks party

The budget is set, the invites sent out and the venue booked. Now it’s time to attend to the finer details of your bucks party!

If you’re heading away for a destination bucks party – Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney and the Gold Coast are Australia’s most popular bucks destinations – you will have to book accommodation. Whether it’s a hotel or Airbnb, consider a few things. You may want to keep the budget lower for this aspect, as you may be spending most of your time away from your accommodation.

Second, be sure to let the owner / hotel / landlord aware of your plans. Many accommodations don’t allow bucks party groups to stay at their property, and if they pull the plug at the last minute, it could throw your plans into turmoil. Tick all the boxes and do the right thing from the start and the process will go smoothly. Being upfront goes a long way!

Now is also the time to think about what you’ll be eating and drinking, and any activities you might want to do, if the event spreads over a day or weekend. If you’ve got a venue booked, do you want catering? Will you provide it yourself? If you don’t, will you be heading out to eat? If you’re in a larger group, consider booking your reservations ahead.

If you’re going away for a bucks weekend or spreading it over a whole day or weekend, brainstorm some ideas of how to fill in the time with your crew. Some bucks party groups love getting up to more active pursuits, like go-karting, axe throwing, golfing, paintball or indoor rock climbing. Some book private boats for a chilled out day or night cruise, or head to a distillery or brewery for a hip whiskey or craft beer tasting. Others will want to head to a casino for a round of black jack. If your bucks is a weekend affair (or longer) an opt-in setup is popular, which allows guests to take part in what they want to, and opt out if something doesn’t interest them.

Finding the best bucks party strippers

Bucks parties and strippers go together like wine and cheese, and no bucks event is complete without the company of a sexy lady or two – complete with a floor show, lap dance for the guest of honour and other tantalising adult services. If you are winging it on your bucks night, many men head to strip clubs as an event tradition. Most major cities and towns have a range of them.

If you have a venue or accommodation booked, you can hire a stripper with one phone call and they will come to you. It’s so simple! Check out our blog detailing just how to book the perfect stripper for you.

Letting a stripper agency know upfront what your budget is will help them find the right female stripper (or strippers) for you, and how many hours and what services that price will get you. Let them know its for a bucks party, and they will find you the strippers that are experts at entertaining at these often wild events!

Australian bucks party strippers for hire

Abracadabra Strippers offers the best range of female strippers for bucks parties that Australia has to offer. From Melbourne to Darwin and Perth to Airlie Beach – and everywhere in between – our nationwide Australian stripper agency will ensure your bucks party is taken to the next level by delivering only the best, most professional and most gorgeous female strippers. Check out a selection of our female strippers today.

Our female strippers are available for a range of services, from bucks party topless waitressing (or even nude waitressing), through to raunchy X-rated strip shows that will send your guests wild.

Whatever your bucks party dream is, we can help make it a reality.

Contact Abracadabra Strippers directly today on 0481 852 394  to speak with one of our friendly staff and to book the best female bucks party stripper in your city today!

Stripper Etiquette: How To Treat A Stripper

Stripping is a real job – and a difficult one – and like in most jobs, there are rules to ensure everyone stays happy and safe.

Knowing how to treat a stripper is key to pulling off a flawless and fun event for all, and ensuring that everyone knows the rules before your stripper arrives is key.

Is touching a stripper allowed? How much do you tip a stripper? What do you talk to a stripper about? What other stripper “rules” do hosts need to abide by?

We have put together the best guide to stripper etiquette for you.

Keep things above board from the jump

The process of hiring a stripper for your event begins from the time you book your dream lady or gentleman with your stripper agency of choice.

As outlined in our Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Female Stripper , the best time to ask all the questions you might have is from your initial contact with a stripper agency, right through to the time your stripper arrives at your event.

Make sure that you ask the agency owner or manager about any stripper etiquette you aren’t sure of. Every agency and every stripper is different, and the set parameters should be laid out from the beginning. This includes basic respect and boundaries, tipping etiquette, exactly what the stripper is being hired to do, and the services they will provide.

Respect is everything

It goes without saying that treating your stripper with the utmost respect is key to a positive experience for everyone – and hopefully repeat bookings too.

Respect is everything in the adult entertainment world, and the male and female strippers on the books at Abracadabra Strippers are experts in exactly how to behave in any environment. However, sometimes, when things get a little rowdy and alcohol is (often) involved, those lines of respect can quickly get blurred.

The first rule of hiring a stripper is no touching – unless otherwise approved with their agency. Again, each agency and stripper is unique, and while some will allow light touching from clientele that are respectful, others will definitely not allow it. Be upfront at the beginning of the event and ask your stripper(s) what their rules are.

IMG 20271 - Stripper Etiquette: How To Treat A Stripper

Under the same umbrella of respect as touching, try to be considerate of your strippers feelings during their booking. Make sure they are offered water or a soft drink (strippers are at work and professional service providers, and therefore don’t drink alcohol on the job), and that they know where to get some fresh air or to use the bathroom if they take a break during the event. They will be very grateful for this attention to detail.

Haggling is a no-no – but tipping is good!

Everyone has to make a buck to get by, and strippers are no different. Stripping is a proper job – one that is hard work and requires juggling lots of different facets – and haggling for discounts or free services isn’t acceptable.

Just imagine how you would feel if your boss went beyond the scope of your role, asking for freebies or haggling on your set salary. You wouldn’t be impressed – and neither would your stripper! Their fee and the services they will provide for this fee has been agreed upon before your event. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable or put on the spot by negotiating this already agreed-upon price.

In contrast, tipping throughout an event is a great way to show appreciation of the work of a stripper, and if you’ve hired more than one stripper, make sure you split your tipping budget between all of the ladies or gents who have showed up to entertain you and to take your event to the next level. Just keep those tips coming!

Finally, don’t record a stripper’s performance on your phone if not agreed to beforehand. Strippers are entitled to anonymity like anyone else.

Avoid personal conversations

Your stripper has shown up with a set job to do, whether it’s topless waitressing or something more X-rated. But that doesn’t mean that they want to spend the whole event rejecting the advances of guests, or dealing with clients asking intrusive or inappropriate questions.

While making general, everyday conversation is usually fine, asking for a stripper’s personal details is not. This goes for information like their name, where they live, their sexual orientation, their relationship status, what they are doing later or anything that exists on a personal level outside of the confines of your event venue.

Strippers are entitled to perform their job without feeling that it encroaches on their personal life – we all are – and asking intrusive questions is a definite mood killer. As is dirty talk, unless the stripper initiates it.

Don’t know what to say to your stripper and feel a little awkward? Don’t worry! Our strippers are the best at what they do, and are masters of making an event fun and enjoyable, without any weirdness at all.

If you do want to make conversation or give a compliment, make it benign as opposed to overt. “You’re stunning” will go over a lot better than “nice tits – are they real?” – believe us! Stick to topics that aren’t offensive, like how their week has been – or even the weather.

Most strippers are very intelligent and savvy, can hold a good conversation and are great listeners. Many have had clients talk to them about all kinds of innocuous things while on the job – their footy team, where they’ve travelled to, their favourite cocktail, their workout routine. Keep the conversation respectful and you’ll be fine.

The best strippers for hire across Australia

Abracadabra Strippers offer a broad range of Australian female strippers and male strippers located across the country, who offer a range of services from topless waitressing to X-rated strip shows. They can be booked for all manner of events or functions, from bucks parties through to corporate do’s.

Our guys and gals are ready and eager to entertain you, so contact us today to inquire about booking a stripper for your event. Our staff will talk you through the strippers available in your area and what they offer. Whether it’s seductive Melbourne female strippers or sexy female strippers on the Gold Coast (or everywhere and everything in between!) we’ve got you covered.

Contact us on 0481852394 or chat to us on our website to book your perfect stripper today.

How to find a stripper near me? Hire a stripper

Hiring a stripper can be the perfect idea to make your event memorable. Whether it be a bucks party, hens night, or Friday night football with the guys, strippers can turn the level right up and bring that extra element of excitement to your party.

A lot of people don’t know where to start when finding a stripper in Australia. Since you landed in this article, we assume you may be looking for a reputable stripper agency in Australia.

Before diving into the topic let us first discover what exactly a stripper can do for you.

Types of services strippers in Australia provide

Many agencies provide stripper services in Australia. While the services they have to offer vary from agency to agency, here are some of the common services that most provide;

Female stripping services

  • Lingerie waitressing
  • Topless waitressing
  • Nude waitressing
  • Poker dealing
  • Lap dances
  • R rated strip shows
  • X rated strip shows

Male stripping services

  • G string waitering
  • Underwear waitering
  • Dress pants waitering
  • G string strip shows
  • Full monty strip shows

How much do strippers cost in Australia?

The cost of hiring a stripper in Australia depends on many things such as, service to be performed, and location. In Sydney, a lap dance can cost upwards of $200.

Meanwhile, most of the stripping agencies have a minimum 2-hour booking policy for waitressing and shows. They can cost anywhere from $150 to $300 an hour.

To know more about the cost of hiring a stripper in Australia, please contact Abracadabra Strippers agency at 0481 852 394.

Ways to Find a Stripper Near You

Screenshot 2022 04 20 121514 - How to find a stripper near me? Hire a stripper

Find stripper agency on Google Maps

Finding a local stripper agency using Google maps is very easy. Just hop onto and type “strippers near me” or “stripper agency”.

You can choose a stripper agency based on reviews and availability of the models. Unlike us, all agencies may not provide the service you are looking for.

Get in Touch with Abracadabra Strippers

Abracadabra Strippers is a reputable stripping agency servicing all of Australia. We cover all the major cities including, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and more.

Moreover, our services range from lingerie waitressing to X rated lesbian shows and more. Please get in touch with us and we will help you to book a stripper near you.

Your Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Female Stripper

Hiring a female stripper is a fun and flirtatious way to take your event, function or get-together to the next level.

Strippers are an ever-popular entertainment offering across Australia, and an experienced stripper will not only entertain but excite your guests from beginning to end.

So, what tickles your fancy? 

Dark and daring brunettes? Perky and bubbly blondes? Saucy and sexy redheads? Curvy, luscious ladies, busty babes, or petite and pretty gals?

The process of hiring a stripper is all part of the fun, so let’s take a look at what you need to do to book the lady of your dreams.

Why hire a female stripper?

Female strippers are the perfect entertainment for a broad range of events.

Whether it’s a cosy get-together at home, wild bucks or hens do, a fun party or booze cruise, special VIP event or even a corporate affair, female strippers bring that extra special something to any occasion.

Not only do experienced strippers know just how to tempt and tantalise, but they are also experts in providing entertainment, pleasing a crowd and ensuring everyone has a fantastic – and cheeky – time.

What can I hire a female stripper for?

Female strippers can be hired for events of all sizes, and when contacting an agency to book your stripper, it is important to discuss with them the style of stripper that would suit your particular needs.

Some female strippers are experts at working a crowd, performing high-energy strip shows and getting everyone in the mood for fun. Others are masters of the thrilling lap dance, putting on an X-rated dildo show or performing with another female stripper for the ultimate in climax-inducing fun.

Some agencies, like Abracadabra Strippers, also offer topless waitresses, nude waitresses or lingerie waitresses to serve and seduce at your party.

Female strippers aren’t just for the boys either.

They may be a wildly popular choice to entertain the lads, but the ladies love them too! Our female strippers are just as popular for hens nights as for bucks events or wild parties with everyone involved

And why stop at one stripper? Hire two female strippers (or more!) for added fun.

How do I hire a stripper?

To hire a stripper, you should always start by outlining your budget and a rough idea of your requirements before reaching out to any agencies to inquire about their services.

Some simple questions to ask yourself include:

  • How much do I have to spend on strippers at this event?
  • How long will I be booking a female stripper/strippers for?
  • What style of female stripper would suit my event?
  • What do I want my stripper/strippers to look like?
  • What do I want my stripper to do to entertain my guests? Will they be topless or nude waitressing? Putting on an R or X-rated strip or lesbian show?

Any good agency will talk you through the strippers they have on their books that are the right fit for you and your own needs.

When you shortlist some local agencies to inquire with – don’t be shy! We aren’t.

Make sure to ask as many questions as you have. This ensures that your entire event goes off without a hitch, and that everyone knows where they stand before, during and after.

Having a clear idea of how your event will go is key for the safety of both the female stripper and you and your guests.

 The best female strippers in Australia

Abracadabra Strippers offers a large and diverse range of high-quality Australian female strippers, located in cities and towns across the country.

Our female strippers are beautifully presented, professional and know just what it takes to make an impression.

We have serviced over 120,000 thrilled guests, performed 30,000 scintillating strip shows across Australia and have stunning new ladies joining our ever-growing books daily.

Our strippers are ready and eager to please you, and are located across Australia in:

Contact Abracadabra Strippers at 0481 852 394  today to chat with our team about our strippers and the services we can offer you in your location.

We can’t wait to entertain you.

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