Stripper Etiquette: How To Treat A Stripper

Stripping is a real job – and a difficult one – and like in most jobs, there are rules to ensure everyone stays happy and safe.

Knowing how to treat a stripper is key to pulling off a flawless and fun event for all, and ensuring that everyone knows the rules before your stripper arrives is key.

Is touching a stripper allowed? How much do you tip a stripper? What do you talk to a stripper about? What other stripper “rules” do hosts need to abide by?

We have put together the best guide to stripper etiquette for you.

Keep things above board from the jump

The process of hiring a stripper for your event begins from the time you book your dream lady or gentleman with your stripper agency of choice.

As outlined in our Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Female Stripper , the best time to ask all the questions you might have is from your initial contact with a stripper agency, right through to the time your stripper arrives at your event.

Make sure that you ask the agency owner or manager about any stripper etiquette you aren’t sure of. Every agency and every stripper is different, and the set parameters should be laid out from the beginning. This includes basic respect and boundaries, tipping etiquette, exactly what the stripper is being hired to do, and the services they will provide.

Respect is everything

It goes without saying that treating your stripper with the utmost respect is key to a positive experience for everyone – and hopefully repeat bookings too.

Respect is everything in the adult entertainment world, and the male and female strippers on the books at Abracadabra Strippers are experts in exactly how to behave in any environment. However, sometimes, when things get a little rowdy and alcohol is (often) involved, those lines of respect can quickly get blurred.

The first rule of hiring a stripper is no touching – unless otherwise approved with their agency. Again, each agency and stripper is unique, and while some will allow light touching from clientele that are respectful, others will definitely not allow it. Be upfront at the beginning of the event and ask your stripper(s) what their rules are.

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Under the same umbrella of respect as touching, try to be considerate of your strippers feelings during their booking. Make sure they are offered water or a soft drink (strippers are at work and professional service providers, and therefore don’t drink alcohol on the job), and that they know where to get some fresh air or to use the bathroom if they take a break during the event. They will be very grateful for this attention to detail.

Haggling is a no-no – but tipping is good!

Everyone has to make a buck to get by, and strippers are no different. Stripping is a proper job – one that is hard work and requires juggling lots of different facets – and haggling for discounts or free services isn’t acceptable.

Just imagine how you would feel if your boss went beyond the scope of your role, asking for freebies or haggling on your set salary. You wouldn’t be impressed – and neither would your stripper! Their fee and the services they will provide for this fee has been agreed upon before your event. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable or put on the spot by negotiating this already agreed-upon price.

In contrast, tipping throughout an event is a great way to show appreciation of the work of a stripper, and if you’ve hired more than one stripper, make sure you split your tipping budget between all of the ladies or gents who have showed up to entertain you and to take your event to the next level. Just keep those tips coming!

Finally, don’t record a stripper’s performance on your phone if not agreed to beforehand. Strippers are entitled to anonymity like anyone else.

Avoid personal conversations

Your stripper has shown up with a set job to do, whether it’s topless waitressing or something more X-rated. But that doesn’t mean that they want to spend the whole event rejecting the advances of guests, or dealing with clients asking intrusive or inappropriate questions.

While making general, everyday conversation is usually fine, asking for a stripper’s personal details is not. This goes for information like their name, where they live, their sexual orientation, their relationship status, what they are doing later or anything that exists on a personal level outside of the confines of your event venue.

Strippers are entitled to perform their job without feeling that it encroaches on their personal life – we all are – and asking intrusive questions is a definite mood killer. As is dirty talk, unless the stripper initiates it.

Don’t know what to say to your stripper and feel a little awkward? Don’t worry! Our strippers are the best at what they do, and are masters of making an event fun and enjoyable, without any weirdness at all.

If you do want to make conversation or give a compliment, make it benign as opposed to overt. “You’re stunning” will go over a lot better than “nice tits – are they real?” – believe us! Stick to topics that aren’t offensive, like how their week has been – or even the weather.

Most strippers are very intelligent and savvy, can hold a good conversation and are great listeners. Many have had clients talk to them about all kinds of innocuous things while on the job – their footy team, where they’ve travelled to, their favourite cocktail, their workout routine. Keep the conversation respectful and you’ll be fine.

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