Bad boys

Abracadabra’s male strippers cater for male and female clientele and know just what the audience wants when it comes to hot and spicy dance moves. Our irresistible men can wait on your guests with gorgeous smiles and sexy suggestiveness that will leave your guests begging for more (as well as food and drinks). Dress pants, underwear or G-strings that show off those shredded abs are dress options you can choose to spice up your evening until the main act begins when our male strippers take over the room with their erotic moves.

IMG 0961 380x380 - Male
Choreographed dances with explosive gymnastics. Large selection of costumes: Fireman, Officer & a Gentleman, Cowboy, 50 Shades of Grey routine, Elderly man (comedy) to pick from

When it comes to male strippers, our guys are the cream of the crop – ripped and ready to set the dance floor (and everyone in the room) on fire with their hot routines. Those washboard abs, chiselled jaws, bulging biceps and seductive smiles are spellbinding to watch whether you book for a Strip, Underwear/G String Strip or the “Full Monty”.

Our hot hunks have glistening muscles, megawatt smiles, smooth dance moves and great personalities that will have the room in a frenzy.  The mood becomes electric as soon as the music starts and explodes as a pulsating strip show begins. If there is a guest of honour, she or he will be showered in sexy attention throughout the dance that will make them the envy of all their friends.

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